Tee Rex® multi-use golf tee and golf divot repair tool.

Kids will learn the proper way to fix divots while having fun!
Teaches kids how to properly repair golf divots, while having fun!  Innovative golf tee and divot tool, raises the bar on multi-function golf tees! Tee Rex® is the world’s 1st adjustable divot repair tool, with advanced multi-function features. Give the the ultimate golf gift to junior golfers today!

Golf Tee

Our multi-use golf tee is virtually unbreakable. Quickly tee it up perfectly every time!

Multi-use Divot Tool and Golf Tee Combination Showing in Divot Repair Position

Fix Divots

Effortlessly fix your ball marks on the green with Tee Rex’s adjustable divot repair feature.

Divot Tool and Golf Tee Combination Golf Tee in Ready Position

Multi-Use Golf Tee

Focus on your game, not your pocket – carry less tools with our multi-function golf tee.


Virtually Unbreakable

Manufactured with high quality plastic material in the USA, Tee Rex® is built to last.


Divot Repair or Golf Tee

Multi-function golf tee, use as a divot repair tool or as a golf tee. Perfect for kids learning golf.


Conforms with USGA Rules

Yep, Tee Rex® Golf Tees are approved by the USGA and conform with the rules of golf.


Two Sizes Available

We got you covered. Longer 3-1/4″ tees or standard size tees 2-3/4″ are available.

The Perfect Golf Gift for Kids!

Repair Ball Marks with Your Tee.

Made in the USA, Tee Rex® golf tees make the perfect golf gift! Definitely unique and definitely the first in its class.
Have fun teeing it up and repairing ball marks on the golf green with your tee!

It’s a Divot Tool
Effortlessly fix your ball marks on the green with Tee Rex’s adjustable divot repair feature. Simply slide up or down, the golfer has ulimate control of the divot repair.
Lasts Longer
Feel comfortable knowing that Tee Rex® is virtually unbreakable. Our product is manufactured in the USA, utilizing high quality plastic materials.
perfect golf gift for all ages
Golf Tee in Up Position
best golf tee
It’s a Golf Tee
Quickly tee up your ball perfect every time! Standard and longer tee lengths are available. The patented desisign allows for perfect tee placement every time.
Save the Green
Repairs divot marks without damaging the green. Simply slide down the block to repair ball marks. Greenskeepers alike, will welcome Tee Rex® as the preferred ball mark repair method.
A whole new experience
Simplify Your Pocket of Tools

Tee Rex Golf Tees ® offers the perfect gift for that special aspiring Jr. Golfer! Why choose our multi-function golf tee and divot repair tool? Because it works!

Tee Rex® is fun and offers many advantages for beginning golfers. First, kids will learn the proper way to repair a golf divot. Divot repair has advanced over the years, and golf superintendents have learned that the best way to repair a divot is to push vs. pull up (pulling causes unnecessary damage to golf greens). Tee Rex® promotes the optimial method for repairing divots on golf greens!

Our mulit-function golf tee and divot repair tool also enables golfers to tee it up right every time! What kid can resist carring around a Tee Rex®? If you are looking for that perfect golf gif for kids, look no further, get your dino today!

Testimonials For

Tee Rex Golf LLC

"Would Definitely Recommend This Product!"

"Tried this tee last weekend. I must say that I am very impressed. Very strong, no indication it will break any time soon. Also has the benefit of a consistent tee height. The divot repair works best when the sliding block is in the down position."

Rating by John:
5.0 stars

5 Star Review

Check out our golf tee product video!

The Ultimate Divot Repair Tool and Golf Tee Combination, for kid golfers. Tee Rex® makes a great golf gift for that special someone, corporate golf outings, and Jr. Golf goodies.

With the increasing number of larger driver heads, we got you covered. The longer 3-1/4″ size is perfect for golfers needing more height. The 2-3/4″ tees are perfect for those who prefer a standard tee size. Click here for a great article from Golf Digest regarding tee height.

Learn more about divot repair at the PGA of America website.

The adjustable divot repair advantage is interactive

The adjustable divot repair advantage is interactive and fun simplifying golfers “pocket of tools.”

Golfers of all ages will benefit with Tee Rex® golf tee. Built with the golfer in mind, Tee Rex®, makes divot repair on a putting green simple – a great tool for your arsenal. Often called a divot tool, pitch mark repair tool, or ball mark repair tool – give it a try and find out why Tee Rex® is a favorite among golfers today!

Traditional pitch mark repair tools cause more damage than good. The reason for this, is because most golfers lift up the roots of the grass when repairing their ball marks. When this occurs, the grass will take longer to “heal” and is many times evidenced by the “brown spot” created by the improper repair. And in all fairness to the average golfer, this type of tool encourages such repair.
Tee Rex® offers a significant advantage over traditional “fork” type divot repair tools. Tee Rex® encourages the golfer to move the grass/ground towards the ball mark or move inward/forward – and then use the putter to flatten the repair. Most golf professionals will agree, this is the proper way to repair a ball mark on the green.

There are many articles online regarding the proper repair of a pitch mark, the PGA of America gives some practical tips on Golf Etiquette and Maintaining the Course. Not only is it proper golf etiquette to repair a ball mark on the green, you are doing your part to make the round enjoyable for all golfers. Learn more about Tee Rex® golf tees.

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Tee Rex Golf LLC is the proud manufacturer of the Tee Rex® Golf Tee and Divot Repair Tool. The Tee Rex® is a fun tool for golfers of all ages. Tee Rex® is perfect for golf gifts and for golf outings. Our golf tee is manufactured in the USA using the highest quality materials. Contact us today and learn more!

Available in All US States: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Alaska, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

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